04-11-2013 04:09 PM
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  1. IamHappyDog's Avatar
    Thank you for your patience!
    I am Happy to announce that I am now Faster, Lighter, and more challenging! Check out the new UI for the game and new meme screens :) Please send me feedback as we are constantly improving and adding to the game. Here are the details of what we have updated in this current release:

    1) Intro Video (Game Trailer) on start. Tap to skip.
    2) New loading screen
    3) New Pause Screen! Game pauses on calls, ad clicks, search button and home buttion pushes, etc.
    4) Cleaned up Tile Icon to display MiLYMi cleaner
    5) Game has been reduced in size, can now be downloaded over cellular data.
    6) Game has been optimized and known stability issues have been fixed
    7) Mouse Timer has been adjusted to offer a greater challenge (Next update will include new leaderboards to keep everyone on a fair page)
    8) New Settings screen, cleaner and easier to navigate/understand

    So there has been a lot under the hood and a lot that you can really see. More to come!

    We have ratings from ESRB and PEGI!!! available in Russia now!
    03-20-2013 06:57 PM
  2. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    Any idea on a release date for this? It all sounds good. I bought it and am waiting to see how it improves. Regardless, the work is much appreciated.
    03-20-2013 11:46 PM
  3. IamHappyDog's Avatar
    Hey Keith,
    The update was live at the time of the post. I think the windows phone store delays notification by a day, but if you navigate to the store page it will show the update is available. Look forward to your feedback.

    Any idea on a release date for this? It all sounds good. I bought it and am waiting to see how it improves. Regardless, the work is much appreciated.
    03-21-2013 04:04 AM
  4. IamHappyDog's Avatar
    Hello Everyone!

    I am curretly creating art for additional memes and would love to get your input on what memes I should include in the upcoming updates! If you havn't already, check out the game and notice the meme pictures between successful moves and when you fail. Let me know what you think would be great and I'll make them for you!!! :)

    Thanks in advance for your feedback
    03-25-2013 08:50 PM
  5. IamHappyDog's Avatar
    New update is now available. Here are the updates:

    • New Memes added
    • New Gameplay Enhancements
    • Lower Size App Download
    • Bug Fixes
    • New Leaderboards

    So most important, we updated the leader-boards, since the game had some major overhaul and I believe it to be harder to earn those high scores we originally were seeing.

    We went ahead and removed the videos from the download of the game and have them stream in when purchased. Our tests show no noticeable lag or quality difference (gottah love technology). We are currently under 1/2 the size from when we started. Very proud of that.

    Added a new success meme, again if there are additional you would like to see I am taking requests.

    If you have purchased the game, the ads will no longer appear, there was a bug in our last update that allowed ads to show. Sorry!

    Future updates include:
    Playable tutorial, because no one likes to read....
    Additional game-play modes

    03-26-2013 11:38 PM
  6. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    Outstanding work, especially on cutting the size down (guessing a MAJOR part of that was the videos?). I'll have to give it a whirl in the near future.
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    03-26-2013 11:48 PM
  7. IamHappyDog's Avatar
    So the game has gone through at least 2 more minor updates, more polish than anything. Thanks to some feedback and reviews we have located some issues with button pushing and they are being fixed now. we are planning 2 more major updates including additional gameplay modes and a playable tutorial, but those are still to come.

    enjoy :)
    04-09-2013 11:51 AM
  8. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    Good work as always. I would maybe change up the voice though, it's kind of creepy, haha.
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    04-09-2013 03:56 PM
  9. IamHappyDog's Avatar
    Thanks Keith!

    Game Over Cat's voice is meant to be a bit scary, but I will look into some different forms. The idea was to have his real voice be high pitched and mousey (pardon the pun) and he compensates by using that mask vocoder... i may update some of the videos soon to better demonstrate the character and story elements.
    04-11-2013 04:05 PM
  10. IamHappyDog's Avatar
    Another update has come through quite quickly, the Leaderboards have been enhanced and is no seen on the game over page. very happy with how this has come out.

    Also, your scores are highlighted in yellow to better notice your position and rank numbers have been added.
    By default, the main page's scores show TODAY's top scores (used to show overall) and the user can tap teh cloud to swap between leaderboard categories.

    Hope you enjoy, leave your comments and suggestions :)
    04-11-2013 04:09 PM
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