1. WesternLights's Avatar
    And here is an app to always know where your loved ones are, Where Are They.

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    03-31-2013 01:35 PM
  2. Angry_Mushroom's Avatar
    Looks like Dexter is getting swept out to sea. How does this app work exactly?
    03-31-2013 07:37 PM
  3. WesternLights's Avatar
    I realised a simple explanation of how it actually works was missing (and I got some bad reviews by people who couldn't figure it out) so I submitted an update that spells the following:

    How do I "add" someone?
    To "add" another person, that person would install the app (it can be the trial version) and go, on their phone, in the "settings" page within the app and tap "log in" and from there, use the same login you used on your own phone. Then, the 2 phones will be able to see each other. Phones that are logged in the app using the same Microsoft account can see each others.
    03-31-2013 08:44 PM

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