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    Ever felt the need to watch your favourite YouTube videos again and again, but not being able to because of a lack of internet connection or expensive 3G bandwidth? Fret not, because Tube Downloader Lite, developed by XGENO Software, allows you to save the videos that you frequently watch on your tablet or PC and watch them on demand anytime and anywhere.
    Tube Downloader Lite is currently free to download on the Windows Store. It allows you to search and preview videos on YouTube before downloading and saving them. Standard quality video downloads are free of charge. Users have the ability to pay USD 1.49 and upgrade if they wish to download videos in HD. The app is simple and user-friendly. Step 1 - Find a video you like and would like to store. Step 2 - Simply click to download. You can now revisit the saved folder to view your videos again and again.

    This is a must-have app for frequent travelers and internet users who are sensitive to their 3G mobile bills.

    screenshot.115394.1000000111.jpg screenshot.115394.1000001111.jpg

    When quizzed about the choice of operating system for Tube Downloader Lite, the CEO, Mr. Naweed Akram had this to say, There has been a lot of criticism of Windows 8 and Surface tablet. However, nothing in the world is perfect. Both iOS and Android are excellent platform targeting individual consumer. However, what they lack is the acceptance from the business community. Windows 8 which offers both work and play features will break this barrier and succeed. Mr. Akram himself is a proud owner of a Samsung Pro Win 8 tab which he uses to complete almost all of his business tasks. In his words, The key success factors for all operating systems lie in the apps. Even for Windows 8, Microsoft job is to deliver a great platform. It is up to developers and ISVs like us to develop quality and useful apps, and make Windows 8 a success.

    Moving forward XGENO Software plans to invest heavily in Windows 8 app development. Focus will be placed on building Business, LOB and Productivity apps. Mr. Akram has revealed that the next app would be a project management tool called Basecamp 8, while the second would be a social network for corporates called Yammer RT. Both apps are targeted to be released by end of April. Given the high quality of Tube Downloader Lite, users of Basecamp and Yammer should definitely keep an eye out for these apps.
    Lastly, it is also interesting to note that XGENO Software is currently using a 3rd party commerce platform, Lotaris in-appCommerce to power the business models and payments of Tube Downloader Lite on the Windows Store.

    When asked, Mr. Akram mentioned, While Microsoft takes 30% of app sales, Lotaris takes as low as 15% which makes the monetary advantage evident as app sales increases. Secondly, and more importantly, Lotaris provides developers with a whole range of business models to choose from. This include the subscription model which allows consumers to subscribe for services over a period of time that they are interested in, and only pay for that period which is something Microsoft does not allow

    About XGENO Software
    XGENO Software is a service oriented company base in the Middle East whose mission is to provide innovative e-Business solutions to enable its customers to increase their revenues and market share. Focus of the company is to deliver high quality software solutions to all their customers. The aim of the company is to be the leading service provider in the Middle East.

    About Lotaris in-appCommerce
    Lotaris in-appCommerce is a 3rd party commerce engine for the Windows Store which allows developers to monetize their apps more effectively. As compared to the default Microsoft commerce engine, Lotaris in-appCommerce
    Supports a broader range of business models (including subscriptions)
    Provides direct access to your customers
    Provides detailed analytics and reporting
    All these and more, at a significantly lower revenue share than that of Microsoft
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    04-08-2013 04:47 AM
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    Thanks for sharing Laurent. Sounds like an interesting app, especially for a frequent travel like myself when faced with crappy in-plane entertainment. Will give it a try.
    04-08-2013 04:54 AM
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    Thanks Laurent for sharing!

    thanks for recommending the great app! It was useful for me!
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    04-08-2013 11:39 PM
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    Seems like this app made the top free list on Windows Store.
    04-23-2013 11:51 AM

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