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    Discover FlipSomeTiles

    FlipSomeTiles is an original and addictive puzzle game by Loon Apps (Loon Apps). Our previous games was Tile Path (read review on WPCentral), and Mole Hit (read review on WPCentral).

    In FlipSomeTiles, your goal is to find the good path with your finger. To do that, you must trace a path with your finger from the start mark to the end mark while flipping all white tiles to gold.

    Levels is composed with several type of tiles:
    - White : pass one time ont it to flip them to gold.

    - Glass: you can pass 2 times on it.
    - Switch: it change color each time you pass on it.
    - Metal: you can pass several times on it.
    - Mystery: become another tile when you pass on it.

    Game come with animated demo that we use to make screenshots.

    FlipSomeTile contains 105 levels.

    Try FlipSomeTiles for free with full access to the 30 first levels.

    Windows Phone Store Link: FlipSomeTiles | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    WebSite: www.loonapps.com

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    New release of FlipSomeTiles (v1.2) is now available.

    New features :
    - 15 additionnals levels
    - better menu

    Try it now !

    You can also take a look on Loon Apps facebook page.
    07-29-2013 05:35 AM
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    New release of FlipSomeTiles v1.4 is now available

    New features :
    - 20 additionnals levels (total of 140 levels, 40 available in Trial for free)
    - design improvment

    Try FlipSomeTiles Now !

    10-10-2013 02:30 AM

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