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    I am an indie developer that is trying to port some of the apps from the other appstores. I have created an app SG News

    I am trying to differentiate this app from other news apps, which many of which are created by the respective news publisher. Their apps are centralized around their own publishing house and as a news reader myself, i need an aggregated news app from multiple sources. You might say, there are also several good news aggregator like the featured Weave, however, after using it for a while, i start to get lost in the app's complexity.

    So give my app a chance and give me feedback & suggestion at SG News Uservoice, it's entirely self funded and downloading, using, commenting the app contributes to the developer community which is working hard to bring more useful apps into this ecosystem

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    04-16-2013 02:45 AM
  2. zokstar's Avatar
    good work! thank you!! I'll check it out!!
    04-16-2013 06:16 AM

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