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    Xpense is a fast and intuitive application which manages your budgets and expenses.
    It was optimized for speed of both launch and navigation.
    The user interface adapts to system theme. Xpense is available in 19 languages.

    The app allows for creating one or more budgets, which are automatically renewed after a period of time specified by the user.

    The main screen displays a summary, which includes the amount left to spend at the current time and the total expenses sum.
    Below, there is a progress bar, which indicates the percentage of the total spendings we defined.
    The largest area of the screen is filled with the list of the current transactions, meaning the transactions which fit into the last cycle of defined budget(s).

    The user, apart from adding expenses, may compensate those with incomes.
    These do not increase the budget amount, however they are helpful in finding out how much we can still spend.

    Transactions from previous cycles are available in the Archive section.
    There, one can select a period of time and budgets and display operations which fulfill the given parameters together with their summary.

    The app settings allow the user to disable adding incomes, change the application language to one of the 19 languages supported and to manage budget settings.

    The important option is the possibility to perform backup to the cloud, using SkyDrvice service, which is available to any user using Windows Phone Live ID. The backup helps to transfer the spending history between devices as well.

    The app may be tested without time limitation. Anyone, who buys it, will unlock the trial mode limitations of maximum 10 transactions and the possibility to perform online backup. The full version costs only $1.29 (or similar amount in your local currency).

    I encourage you to download the software from:

    Support: proap@outlook.com

    04-17-2013 04:08 AM

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