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    Safehouse is an application that aims to satisfy a need for privacy and security. It is a Windows Phone phonebook with almost all the capabilities of the default Peoples Hub phonebook. The basic difference is that it is password protected so that your contacts are kept from prying eyes who might get their hands on your device.
    With Safehouse contacts you can:

    • set a contact photo
    • set all the details available for Peoples Hub contacts
    • choose and call from multiple phone types
    • choose and text from multiple phone types
    • choose and email from multiple email types
    • map contacts addresses
    • sort contacts into groups

    In version 2.0 Safehouse acquired the capability to keep also albums of your pictures under lock and key. Within the picture hub of Safehouse you can:

    • Take a picture and save it in an album
    • Move a picture from the phones Pictures Hub library to a Safehouse album
    • Create and rename new picture albums
    • Move pictures between albums
    • Save pictures from an album into the phones library.
    • The Safehouse picture hub is not available in the trial version of Safehouse.

    And now in version 3.0 of Safehouse the application can also keep Notes. Within the Note Hub you can:

    • Create notes
    • Edit notes
    • Delete notes
    • The Safehouse note hub is not available in trial mode.

    You can find Safehouse in the Windows Phone Store for 0,99 with a trial version (limited to 5 contacts only without the capability to add/change contact categories and backup/restore. )

    04-28-2013 07:28 AM

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