1. usz's Avatar
    It has been some time since I first reported this app here and since then it has matured quite a lot, so here I am again. In short, Pushalot is notifier app similar to Notify My Android (Android) and Pushover (Android and iOS).

    Project page: https://pushalot.com
    API documentation: https://pushalot.com/api
    Windows Phone app: Pushalot | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store
    Windows 8 app: Pushalot | Windows Store

    Main features include:

    • Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps.
    • Custom notifications via REST API.
    • Instant integration using Email gateway.
    • Native support in CouchPotato and GitHub.
    • Liquid Daffodil's Unification integration.
    • Live tile message count.
    • Lock screen badge message count.
    • Message count synced in real time to all devices.
    • Re-send toast notification for last unread message.
    • Notification can include image, link or be silent.
    • Do Not Disturb mode.
    • SSL protected communication.

    Upcoming features include:

    • App folders.
    • Pin app tiles.

    Hope it serves you well and you like it!
    05-02-2013 03:06 PM
  2. 12Danny123's Avatar
    OK. without a doubt the best Notification center system to date. Good job man :D
    05-02-2013 08:09 PM
  3. xrs22's Avatar
    Still confused on how it works.
    05-02-2013 08:30 PM
  4. david90531's Avatar
    What kind of notifications does it actually push? Sounds interesting but just kinda confused...
    05-03-2013 12:38 AM
  5. usz's Avatar
    I do understand why this can be confusing and I tried to clear it out in this discussion on reddit. Hope it can be helpful, if not feel free to ask more questions here and I will try to give you answers.
    longnd likes this.
    05-03-2013 04:30 AM
  6. longnd's Avatar
    Thank you for this great app. I just installed it and, wow, it work flawlessly with my github account.
    05-03-2013 06:22 AM
  7. usz's Avatar
    I am very glad to hear, especially that I think you are first person to truly use Pushalot for GitHub integration. Till now I didn't notice much interest with that feature, maybe because from what I understand, it works only when you are the owner of the repo?
    05-03-2013 12:49 PM
  8. milanmk's Avatar
    Thank you so much for this notification app and service. Its a boon for WP8 owners. Keep up the good work.
    07-30-2014 10:21 AM

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