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    For all financial analysts out there who spend time analyzing the balance sheet, profit/loss and cash-flow statements of companies, myAccounter is an app that they should definitely have handy.
    Instead of having to remember the tons of formulas required for financial analysis for example Asset Turnover, Cash Ratio, Returns on Assets and many more, myAccounter provides users with the ability to input the values of the variables in a user friendly method while the app does the rest of the calculations and provides the end result.

    Given that most companies are in the midst of reporting their Q113 financial results, myAccounter will be a useful app for both individuals and companies who are interested in getting a better breakdown financially on how their companies have been doing over the past quarter.


    myAccounter was created by Mr. Thair Abdalla, who is a Microsoft Student Partner. He has been a long time developer for the Microsoft platform having developed for the Windows Phone Platform since the beginning and currently developing for Windows 8. At last count, he has 6 apps on the Windows Phone Store and 5 on Windows 8.

    When asked on why he chose to develop for the Windows 8 platform, Mr. Thair Abdalla showed great faith in Windows 8 claiming that, Ever since Microsoft announced the release of Windows 8, I began learning to develop apps in the Metro style and from there I knew that Windows 8 was going to be something exciting and innovative, providing developers with new opportunities to express their innovative ideas.

    Lastly, it is also interesting to note that myAccounter is currently using a 3rd party commerce platform, Lotaris in-appCommerce to power the business models and payments of myAccounter on the Windows Store.

    When asked, Mr. Thair Abdalla mentioned that The most exciting thing about Lotaris in-appCommerce is that it provides a better commercial engine for apps than the generic payment method from Microsoft. It is new and definitely worth the shot.

    About Mr. Thair Abdalla
    Mr. Thair Abdalla is a computer engineering student and a Microsoft Student Partner. He hails from the US but is now pursuing his education abroad. He is working on several future projects on the Windows 8 platform, and both of them are using GPS services to provide functionalities to the users.

    05-21-2013 12:28 AM
  2. Ianhosoosiang's Avatar
    Looks good, will check it out and give a review.
    05-23-2013 08:57 AM

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