1. JayCJ's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Recently I just developed a free game for WP8 called- BlackJack Vegas Style.
    I know there are a lot of black jack apps out there, but i wrote a console one earlier ago,
    and thought I might as well port it to the WP8 platform. Turns out, the UI development took me
    quite some time. I also included a high score board for this game so there will be something to aim for.

    Anyway, it would be very helpful for me if you can download to try it out and would really appreciate on any feedbacks!

    BlackJack-VegasStyle | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)



    06-09-2013 06:00 PM
  2. Jazmac's Avatar
    The graphics look really professional. I'll give it a look. Thanks.
    06-09-2013 06:58 PM
  3. JayCJ's Avatar
    Thanks! Please let me know how I can improve the game!
    06-09-2013 07:58 PM

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