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    Hi All,

    I'm glad to introduce my game 'Magical Yatzy'.

    It might look as an ordinary dice game, but it's not so simple! With the Magical Yatzy game you can play offline alone with bots or with your friends on the same device. You can also play online with friends or other people from all around the world.
    Five sets of rules are implemented in the Magical Yatzy game, which makes it accessible for players with different levels, including children. Each rule requires its own strategy to win and make your way to the leaderboard Top.
    The most exciting part is unique 'magical rules' with possibility to use "magical artifacts" to improve your score. Somebody thinks it's 'cheating', but actually it's not - you just need a different tactic to win And it's not so easy.

    The most important features of Magical Yatzy are:
    •game with friends or bots on the same phone
    •online game with other users over Internet
    •chat for online users at the same table
    •five sets of rules
    •unique "magical" rules
    •several visual styles and dice settings
    •storing results at the web-based leaderboard
    •best of the day/week for each rule
    •nice pseudo-3D graphics and roll animation
    •clear UI in Windows Phone style and optimized for touch
    •Login with Facebook account

    Magical Yatzy is available on several languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish and my native Belarusian. Want your own language? Let me know, it's possible!

    You can download Magical Yatzy right now for WP7 (you can actually use it on WP8, but I will release separate free version for WP8 very soon) and Windows 8. WP7 version is paid but trial version is fully functional, it just shows ads. Windows 8 and WP8 versions are free.


    And yes, this is my own project I do mostly for fun when I have some spare time, but I almost haven't it . So if you see any bugs or issues with game - let me know and I'll try to fix everything asap.
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    06-23-2013 01:35 PM
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    I like that you've kept the traditional catagories and scores in tact as opposed to some other dice games out there.
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    06-24-2013 01:33 PM
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    yes, the game was born about several years ago as computer realization of german yatzy variation called "Kniffel". My wife lived in Germany for several years and had real kniffel game set we enjoyed to play. So one day when i learned programming I decided I can make my own version to play with computer as a training. Today I can't keep 'kniffel' name as it's a registered trademark of other company but scoring system is the same. I only added different rules variations to make game more attractive for different people. One of the previous version that was available as facebook and vkontakte apps several years ago had only traditional rules set, but some people complained that rules are wrong :) so i decided to add different variations. And the latest addition is my own "Magical rules" which i think is the most fun to play
    06-24-2013 04:25 PM
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    Free version for Windows Phone 8 has passed certification. here is the link:
    Magical Yatzy for Windows Phone 8 Free
    06-27-2013 02:51 PM

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