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    Still feel that the Windows Phone is lack of awesome apps? But actually that there are so many must download apps: Youtube, Flickr, gMaps, Pandora... , so we may say: It not lack of WP apps, but lack of using! Today I will introduce an app born for Windows Phone: Wallpaper Sky!


    As a fan of Windows Phone, we know that the lock screen is a big feature of WP OS: the wide clean layout can provide the wallpaper a best look! And let's see Wallpaper Sky, as the name said, it is an app about wallpaper, why we said is the most featured app on WP? That is the reason:

    1. UI and UI: Clean & Smooth
    2. Features: Stunning & High Quality Contents

    Only for those app has good performance in this two points, can be featured as super!


    UI & UX

    As we know, Windows Phone has very creative design in its original UI and UX, so for the WP developers, need to do something unique but should match with WP original style well, that is the difficult. We nominate Wallpaper Sky, it did very well in both: mixed with WP OS deeply, the color, the icon, the tile, all are under the professional WP UI Guideline. This app inherit and perform all the strength of WP in speedy and smooth!



    As a wallpaper app, the first key point, must provide enough high quality really stunning wallpapers! And let users do some normally operation on these wallpapers, such as: download, favorite, share...

    Wallpaper Sky do not let me down in this point, it include 30+ wallpapers, and what impress me is: all these wallpapers are sorts by categories very well, easy to find and manage. You can find Hot, New and frequently tags in Wallpaper Sky, all those can help you located to the wallpapers you are looking for. And I think there must be a very professional operate team behind this app, because I found the wallpaper are updated every day, and each day you can find a eidtor's pick collection. e.g. The day before yesterday, F1 in Shanghai, and we found Wallpaper Sky update a collection about F1: Hamilton, AMG, Red Bull, which make me feel really sweet! And now, I really can not leave this app, it brings me surprise every day!


    Flickr Wallpaper

    Except those 30k+ super HD wallpapers, what's more? Wallpaper Sky supports Flickr Open API, You can download the most hot daily Flickr wallpapers. God know how much I love Flickr! Not just that, Wallpaper Sky provide a search function, you can search the keywords in Wallpaper Sky and Flickr, to get those wallpapers you really want! So we say - Wallpaper Sky is unlimited!!


    Flickr wallpaper sometimes in different size and I can not set it as wallpaper! Ok, Wallpaper Sky also consider about that, and the solution is: Provide Delicate Frames! Wallpaper Sky will use delicate frames help you to adjust the size of flickr photo, do you like the idea?


    Wallpaper Upload

    Another unique feature, I think, Wallpaper Sky let you upload wallpaper, that mean you can share the wallpapers you like with people all over the world! I tried to upload a nature wallpaper in HDR, is now on pending review of Wallpaper Sky, maybe one day, you will see the wallpaper, please download and give me good comment! :)


    Lockscreen Show

    Wallpaper Sky is a wallpaper app with story! WP OS supports Lock Screen extend, that means our lock screen can switch automatically, Wallpaper Sky is very smart, use this features very well, offer users a customized lockscreen show function, here you can set update frequency, sleep mode... I must recommend: lockscreen words, which is really cool, look the below:


    So many words, why not download and try by yourself? Here is the download link in MarketPlace:

    Wallpaper Sky | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Do not forget to write down your review~~ :)
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    Just search "Wallpaper Sky" at MarketPlace, can download and install.
    07-01-2013 09:44 PM

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