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    Following on from the launch of our initial versions of Python In My Pocket / Flash In My Pocket, Grayholme are delighted to announce to launch of new apps as well as much improved functionality. We've published 3 new apps:

    Crow In My Pocket
    Duke In My Pocket
    Ghostbusters In My Pocket

    All three feature improved categorisation, keyword search, saving favourites, saving ringtones. We've also updated Python In My Pocket and Flash In My Pocket to include these new features. All are available with trial versions that include a limited number of clips (you get to see what all the clips are in the trial, you just can't play or export them - so you can find out if the quote/clip you're after is in there before you commit to buying).

    Hopefully there'll be something in there for you - if not, and your favourite soundboard / soundscape isn't available for Windows Phone (or they're a bit, well, crap) please leave a comment so we know what people want


    Dan Gray
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    Is it just clips from the Python movies or the television show as well?
    07-02-2013 10:06 AM
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    At the moment just the the movies, Life Of Brian, Holy Grail, Meaning of Life, And Now For Something Completely Different (which is a film of sketches from the TV) - hopefully we'll be adding more from the TV series as well in future.

    The scenes we've got clips for from And Now For Something Completely Different are:

    • Worlds Funniest Joke
    • Vocational Guidance Counsellor
    • Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook
    • Nudge Nudge
    • Restaurant Sketch
    • Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit
    • Dead Parrot
    • Lumberjack Song
    • Upperclass Twit of the Year
    • Interview with Sir Edward Ross
    • How Not To Be Seen
    • Blackmail
    • The Lingerie Shop
    • and finally Marriage Guidance Counsellor
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