1. Ryan Waller1's Avatar
    Hey everybody,

    I wanted to invite you guys to try our new game, Thundergod Matches. It is a really cool memory match game with excellent graphics. We are currently in the middle of a new update that will include leaderboards and a new game mode as well. We would love any support as this is our first game on Windows Phone. Our game needs some reviews and it would mean a lot to us to receive them. Please leave us feedback on what you would love to see added! The game is EXTREMELY challenging but have given you the ability to add extra time to each level. Thanks everyone!



    Forthright Entertainment

    Thundergod Matches shortner link
    Thundergod Matches | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    07-14-2013 01:56 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Thanks for bringing a new game to the attention of our members here on WPCentral. It looks interesting and fun. Good luck with your game, and please feel free to check out the other forums and interact with members here.
    07-21-2013 01:44 PM
  3. Ryan Waller's Avatar
    Thanks Laura! Do you think the forum members would be interested if I offered a two or three day Free App sale for them. We are having a new update with Leaderboards coming in the next few weeks as well but I would love to offer the forum members something? Let me know what you think!
    07-22-2013 04:22 PM
  4. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    I can tell you that, without question, we like free games, especially when they allow us to support developers within the forum community.
    07-22-2013 08:49 PM
  5. Ryan Waller1's Avatar
    Got it. Then sometime tonight the switch will happen
    07-23-2013 03:22 PM

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