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    Image Locker Ultimate is a unique (Why unique? read full article) photo and video security app, you can import your videos and photo in to Image Locker in different albums, and easily unlock them by saving them again to your phone’s media library.
    market place link:
    Image Locker Ultimate | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    Video Introduction :

    Video lock demonstration (See here the most awesome feature of the app):

    Price: $1.99 USD
    Free Version: Yes (Image Locker 2 (without video and pattern lock))
    Trial: Yes
    Trial Limitations: In trial version you can add only three albums and a single video(5 seconds) and five images to every album.


    So question is that, there are many photo security apps in the market, why Image Locker Ultimate is different, what unique it offers to the user?

    These are the main feature which makes Image Locker Ultimate unique among the others.
    1) Video Transfer
    There are many rare features in this app but the one which makes it stand alone in the crowd is the feature of video transfer from pc to Image Locker and Image Locker to PC without using Wi-Fi. You just need to connect your phone to pc via USB cable, and you need a PC application called FullMoon which is freely available on www.lunaplenaapps.com/FullMoon , then you just need to select a video in Image Locker and press “Send to Pc” button, that’s it your done(you can see the complete video demo on youtube, link is give above). There is no app in the marketplace currently which has the video transfer this easy.
    You don’t need to upload your videos to any online storage for getting it out from your phone, you don’t need to configure Wi-fi or any IP address. You can add videos from your camera roll to Image Locker by first transferring them to pc and then importing them in to Image Locker Ultimate instantly.

    To know about the whole concept please see the above video "video lock demonstration", you won't find a similar feature in any other windows phone app.

    2) Using pattern as password
    Although Image Locker has the feature to login with conventional text based password but if you have a problem remembering cumbersome and long password, then you can change your login method to pattern login, then you have to draw a unique pattern in order to login.
    Currently there are other apps also providing pattern lock feature, but when you will use Image Locker Ultimate you will find, it has smooth, effective and very easy pattern lock just like you see in some iOS apps.

    3) Image Viewing experience
    Image Locker provides you gesture based Image slider just like built in windows phone Image Viewer. You can pinch zoom images and you can use swap gesture to change the image.
    Image Locker Ultimate has unique UI theme and experience which is not similar to any app in the market place, and it is very easy and fast to use.
    Image Locker is fully gesture based there is no button based paging and scrolling like some other similar apps in the market.

    4) A smooth slide show
    Image Locker Ultimate provides a good, smooth and easily configurable image slide show. You can control the image changing speed with a simple slider placed at the bottom.

    5) Guest Login
    This is a really cool feature in this app. There is a guest account login in Image Locker Ultimate, you can turn on or off guest account any time. You can set a different password for guests and you can select which albums will be shown to guests. Then whenever someone will login with guest password, he will only see the albums selected for the guest account, and he won’t know that he is logged in as a guest.

    6) Good Album Search experience
    If you have very large number of albums in Image Locker Ultimate then sometimes you need a mechanism to easily search different albums.
    So there is a search box available on album list screen, you just need to type some initial letters from the name of the album you are searching for, and it will show you all the albums with similar names.
    7) Password reset option
    If you forget your password you can recover it by email, at the same time you can also set your password ‘not recoverable’, then your password will not be able to recover any how.

    We need help of this community. Please post your comments and suggestions about how can we improve this app to become a more awesome product.
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