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    Newspapers is a collection of links from national, local newspapers, magazines and online media from different countries.
    The newspapers are listed categorized. Save time with direct access to your favorites.

    In addition, you can expand the app with the following functions:
    • RSS-News:
      Keep yourself up to date, reading RSS articles of your personal newspapers.
      You can read RSS items in the app, read aloud, share, or open it in the browser.
    • Own newspapers:
      A newspaper is not available, you can add them by yourself with all the relevant data itself.
    • NFC:
      Write your favorite newspapers on a NFC tag. This gives you faster access to the website of the respective newspaper. You only need NFC tags for this feature.

    Currently the app includes over 3900 newspapers from the following countries:
    • Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Swasiland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
    • Americas: Canada, Mexico, United States of America
    • Asia: India, Vietnam
    • Australia / Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
    • Europe: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey

    Take advantage of the app:
    • All major newspapers immediately available quickly
    • Categorization by country and category
    • Open websites directly in the app or in the browser
    • Mark as favorite newspapers
    • Save the settings and upload to SkyDrive

    The app is available for WP7 and WP8 and supports the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Hindi and Vietnamese.

    I would appreciate your feedback here. For questions or problems, feel free to contact me. Alternatively, you can send me an email, write to: info@ertner-it-solutions.com

    Link to app Newspapers

    Scan this QR code to try out the app:

    Here are a few impressions of the app Newspapers:

    pg9.png pg6.png pg5.png
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    Thanks for bringing a new game to the attention of our members here on WPCentral. It looks interesting and useful. Good luck with your game, and please feel free to check out the other forums and interact with members here.
    09-03-2013 12:48 PM
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    The Windows Phone App "Newspapers" has been updated to version

    The app can be started from third party applications (URI associations; interesting for developers). In addition, the app allows faster access to websites using NFC. NFC tags can be read and written.

    Furthermore, new newspapers (Australia, New Zealand) were added.
    09-21-2013 01:50 AM
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    The Windows Phone App "Newspapers" has been updated to version

    Some Bugs were fixed.
    Furthermore, new newspapers (Canada, Finland, India, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe) were added.
    10-06-2013 02:18 AM
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    The Windows Phone App "Newspapers" has been updated to version

    Following changes were made to version
    - Fixed some bugs.
    - App and browser improvements
    - More newspapers added (Vietnam, Various)
    - NEW: LiveTile support to display the latest RSS articles
    - NEW: Counting visits of newspapers
    - NEW: Language Hindi and Vietnamese added
    - NEW: Language can be changed in the app under „Settings“
    - NEW: Added Changelog in „Info“

    Also, I've created a UserVoice page. If you have new ideas or existing functionalities needs improvement, then share this with us.

    Click here to go to UserVoice page
    12-24-2013 05:13 AM
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    The Windows Phone App "Newspapers" has been updated to version

    The update includes many enhancements and new features for RSS news.
    Among other, RSS Articles are now displayed with pictures .

    The newspaper search was completely redesigned. It can now be searched across countries according to newspapers.
    Alternatively, filters can be applied.

    In addition, other newspapers have been added
    (Germany -> Microsoft blogs, Ecuador, Colombia, Luxembourg).

    If you have questions just send a mail to: info@ertner-it-solutions.com
    If you like the app, then I'd appreciate a comment or a rating.
    02-16-2014 03:59 AM

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