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    Thousands of top-rated recipes right in the palm of your hand! Plus, time-saving recipe tips from Members and their ideas for recipe variations that help to eliminate any guesswork!

    CookBook | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    09-25-2013 03:46 AM
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    This reminds me of contoso cookbook :P ... thanks for sharing, I hope people interested will try it out.
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    09-25-2013 03:53 AM
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    You may want to post a bit about your app in this page :), will help.
    09-25-2013 03:54 AM
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    Nice app, especially the layout. Gotta give it a try.
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    09-25-2013 07:26 AM
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    Good App
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    09-25-2013 11:10 PM
  6. NguyenDucDuy's Avatar
    Good App
    09-25-2013 11:18 PM
  7. dvd_nasa's Avatar
    Have about 5500 recipes in this app!
    09-27-2013 12:52 AM
  8. mryeu's Avatar
    Hopefully more updates
    10-03-2013 11:55 AM
  9. dvd_nasa's Avatar
    Good app!!
    10-28-2014 10:11 PM
  10. dvd_nasa's Avatar
    10-28-2014 10:11 PM
  11. dvd_nasa's Avatar
    10-28-2014 10:16 PM

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