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    Office Madness

    OS: iOS and Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5
    Publisher: Technological Innovations Solutions S De RL De CV
    Type: Platformer
    Requirements: Phone identify, owner identify, photo, music and video libraries, data services, HD720P (720x1280), WVGA (768x1280)
    Download Size: 30 MB
    Languages: English (United States)
    Game Download:
    Windows Phone Marketplace
    Platform Game that requires the player jump and from suspended platforms go over obstacles and Puzzles.

    Game Description:
    Mad is a coffee addict young office clerk who has spent years working under mountains of endless documents. Tired of his job, in his imaginary world his office has become a prison from which you must help him to escape! Office Madness is a single player platform game which introduces unique and fun action/puzzle mechanics that will test your skill through different departments of the company.

    Game Rule:
    The games task is to find a door, there will be some pills on the map, you can collect them. Some of the pills are floating in the air, you can jump to eat them. But you can’t jump on some platforms, you need to obtain a cup of coffee that can make you jump higher within a certain time. If you need more coffee, then you can get out, and then back to the original location, the coffee will appear again. Do not hit the traps on the map, or you will die. In addition, there are jumping sheep and boxes that can fire bullets. They can also kill you.

    When the sheep are jumping, you can run across it, but take your time. If you get the eye, you can use it to attack enemies, you can choose power to throw the eye out. Note that the eye’s range is limited.
    Game control:
    Arrow keys to move left and right "X" button to fire and open doors, "Y" jump button.

    Game Music and Graphics:
    The game uses a cartoon style, the little sheep are lovely.
    Have you ever wanted to beat your boss, quit your job, do something that you really love? Use your skills and escape from the office!
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    Link to windows phone store?
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    10-11-2013 11:34 AM
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    I'm on the fence about this. If it had a trial or had Xbox achievements I would have gone for it. Has anyone here bought it, and can post the pros and cons? I like to support devs, but I am a bit picky on what I buy.
    10-13-2013 11:43 PM

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