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    Hi, I'm an 18 year old freshman in college, and I've been making apps for Windows Phone since I was 15. Since I just became old enough to actually own a business, and not have my parents "own it" for me, I created a new developer account. This is my first app on this new account.

    IG Stats
    IG Stats | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Want to see who's unfollowed you on Instagram? How about your follower to following ratio? Or what about people who don't follow you back?

    IG Stats for Windows Phone can show you this and much, much more. Get IG Stats now!

    Main Features:
    follow and unfollow people
    view accurate follower and following counts
    see who recently unfollowed or followed you
    see who doesn't follow you back
    see who you don't follow back
    see your follower to following ratio
    view profiles
    view pictures
    view videos
    view other people's follower to following ratio

    Optional Features:
    live tile
    toast notifications
    batch unfollow and follow
    accept/decline pending follow requests
    remove ads

    Purchasing these optional features helps take care of me, the developer. As a college student, I would greatly appreciate your support. :)

    IG Stats is MORE ACCURATE than Instagram when it comes to follower count and following count. If you scroll through all of your followers and followings and count each one, you will find that IG Stats has the correct values. This is an issue that Instagram has said they are working on.
    10-18-2013 01:26 AM
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    Thanks for bringing a new app to the attention of the members of WPCentral. This looks interesting and useful. Good luck with your app, and please feel free to visit the other forums and to interact with members.
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    10-19-2013 01:59 AM

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