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    GPS monitor & webcam travel navigation app with directions


    (Free) Windows Phone Travel apps with map, webcam and nokia here apps (maps/drive/transit). With this travel apps you have a WEBCAM/MAP with directions (location and route) functions. On a wp8 device you can launch NOKIA HERE DRIVE APPS, NOKIA HERE MAPS APPS, NOKIA HERE TRANSIT, gMaps APPS. The web cam are retrieved through webcams.travel. It is a service designed to offer users, the ability to view world web cam, of the touristic places par excellence. For holiday/vacation or to discover new places as city (also useful to see meteo/weather or traffic info).

    Download link

    You can find point of interest or set d/a point on the nokia drive navigator apps. You can set your departure and arrival point and then calculate your route. To set the departure point use the left icon. To set the arrival point you have two way. 1) On the map HOLD on a point and then TAP "Add new destination". 2) Through the search button you can find an arrival point in text mode. After you added the d/a points you can tap on the right icon to trace route on the map (usefull for tourism or search restaurant, hotel, shop).

    When you add a destination the apps will show many options among which: route trace details and webcan nearby destination. One show a route from your position to the selected destination the other show a list of webcam nearby the destination selected. In this way you have a search webcam function through map gesture, then you can launch here app (to see more details).

    In the home page you have also a list with the news, popular, nearby you webcam. You can scroll the list, if you tap on an a webcam/item, it will be opened a new page with the webcam detail. For every webcam you can show a map with the position, if you wish you can trace a route from your position to the web cam position. In this second map the destination position is present then you can not change. If you wish, you can send a route/map by email using bing or google format. Save webcam image into your phone's photo list. There are also web cam bookmark and web cam time lapse video. There is also a simple compass that show you current direction.

    Download link

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    Download link

    Download link
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    Thanks for bringing a new app to the attention of our members here on WPCentral. It looks interesting and useful. Good luck with your app, and please feel free to check out the other forums and interact with members here.
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