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    What it does:

    When you open the app, it automatically begins finding and saving your location. Within seconds, an aerial view map with a red rectangle outlining the location is displayed. If a new location is found, the map will update. The user can also enter a short note, such as what floor of a parking garage they parked on. Once the app notifies the user that their location has been saved, they can exit the app.

    When a user is ready to see their saved location, they can simply re-open the app. Within a second, their saved location is displayed on the familiar map along with their note, the saved time (or the saved time and day, if it was recorded on a different day), and a button to delete the location. When the delete button is pressed, Parking Assistant will prompt the user if they would like to find a new location.


    • Voice – by simply holding the start button and saying, “Parking Assistant…,” you can quickly save and view locations.
    • Live Tile – updates with “Tap to save location” and “Tap to view location” text.
    • The “Reset Button” – although Parking Assistant has been tested extensively and all known issues have been fixed, I’ve bundled a “reset button”. It can be accessed at anytime and serves one function – resetting the app. It clears all of the user’s data and resets the app to “factory” defaults. This is much easier than having to uninstall, find the app in the store, and then re-install. I’ve also added an “email developer” button, in case an issue does arise, the user can easily report the problem.
    • Animated Tutorial – the tutorial is arguably one of the most important part of the app’s first impression; without it, a user may feel lost or confused. I made a short, but complete, five slide animated tutorial. In case the user feels confident, or has used the app before, a skip button is available at anytime during the tutorial. If the user chooses to view the tutorial, they are presented with clean and simple instructions and information on how to use Parking Assistant. I spent over four hours working on animations between the five slides, lasting about three seconds total. Everything feels natural, items slide from the viewing area in a consecutive order.
    • Background Location – is an experimental feature, intended only for people who want to test something very cool. When Background Location is turned on in the settings, Parking Assistant becomes the smartest car location app in the world. When a user deactivates Parking Assistant (by pressing Start), a background location task is started. When the phone’s location changes, the app is smart enough to calculate the distance, in meters, to the saved car location. Once the phone is farther than the configurable amount of meters away from the car, the app knows when the phone comes back towards the car. After this happens, when the phone is within the specified amount of meters from the car, the app sends a toast notification and asks the user if they would like to see where they parked. The user can tap the notification and see when they parked within a second. Since this feature will consume more battery life (I’m working on lowering how much battery life it uses), and hasn’t been fully tested, it is disabled by default.

    It's free for Windows Phone 8 users: Parking Assistant | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    Read full post on my blog: » Introducing Parking Assistant - Bailey Stein
    10-18-2013 08:00 PM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    I bet this'll be useful (especially if you think your car's been carnapped ;)

    Well, while I don't drive, I'm going to check out this app either way.

    Thank you for telling us of this app.
    10-18-2013 09:41 PM
  3. baileystein's Avatar
    Great! I'm always here for an feature suggestions or if you want to request an app. :)
    10-20-2013 03:21 PM

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