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    CHECK OUT the app LIVE SOCCER SCORE on windows phone store to get the news event from 5 League on Euro.

    Our data includes live scores, fixtures, results, statistics, player career stats, injuries, suspensions, venues, etc
    Determines the event code. We use following codes: (The maximum delay for each event is 2 minute).
    AS - Assist
    L - Line-up
    OG - Own goal
    PG - Penalty goal
    PS - Penalty saved
    PSG - Penalty shoot-out goal
    PSM - Penalty shoot-out missed
    RC - Red card
    SI - Substitute in
    SO - Substitute out
    SUB - Substitutes lists for a match (on bench)
    Y2C - 2nd Yellow, Red Card
    YC - Yellow card
    G - Goal
    PM - Penalty missed

    AND Lists additional match information (venue, referee, etc)

    The main function is Live Score. Other, The live tile can be created for favorite team, league, season. You can make the REMINDER for each match, register each match for subscribe

    Please check out by go to the Windows Phone Store Search "LIVE SOCCER SCORE" or via BAR CODE

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    Thanks for bring this to the attention of are members!
    12-07-2013 05:43 PM

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