1. xtrose's Avatar
    Now also for Windows 8.1

    My App 8.1 Lock Screen, with 70.000 Downloads in three months for Windows Phone 8, is now also available for Windows 8.1

    8.1 Lock Screen-App fr Windows in Windows Store

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    11-03-2013 05:31 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Thanks for bringing a new Windows 8.1 app to the attention of the members of WPCentral. This looks interesting and useful. Good luck with your app.
    11-04-2013 12:58 AM
  3. Charlie Poels's Avatar
    Bought the App because I love it on my windows phone as well! Just wondering, is it possible to remove the black space around the pictures? Maybe some differences in size?

    Personally I loved the Zune screen you'd get when you to see all your albums. If you could make it like this and maybe with a gradient (if that
    is allowed?) then you would probably hit a home run

    Attachment because my English isn't the best :P
    Attached Thumbnails zune40nowplayinggrid.jpg  
    11-04-2013 02:40 PM

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