1. Alexander Osipov's Avatar
    Hi everyone! I'm working on e-book reader (Coffee Reader). If you use my app, please post few words about features you would like to see in next versions.
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    11-03-2013 04:02 PM
  2. Jazmac's Avatar
    Hi everyone! I'm working on e-book reader (Coffee Reader). If you use my app, please post few words about features you would like to see in next versions.
    Animated page turn. Haven't seen this in too many readers on Windows Phone.
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    11-03-2013 05:04 PM
  3. Alexander Osipov's Avatar
    Thank you for reply. That is a good idea, I'll add multiple variants of page turn animations in next version.
    11-05-2013 01:13 PM
  4. AlwaysColtron's Avatar
    Book, Volume and Page visibility. Weather it is always at the top or just a tap on the screen to show it. My biggest complaint with most Comic reads, mostly because they have so many different issues, is it is hard to always keep trace of what page or book in a series you are on. Also, because I'd want to use this for comic as well if possible, then full screen viewing with the page turns as said above.
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    11-05-2013 01:38 PM
  5. WavingReds's Avatar
    books aren't really saved or are inaccessable from skydrive or dropbox
    11-05-2013 06:56 PM
  6. ratheesh chandra's Avatar
    I love your app-Coffee reader, in fact it is the only e-book app I am satisfied with in windows phone. I use TTS much, there are not many readers with TTS functionality.
    I would like the following fuctionalities in the readers
    1. A shelf like home page (as in Aldiko reader- android app)
    2. eBook when opening not showing the cover page now - It will be an aesthetic feature.
    3. Contents are not available.
    4. More font selections.

    Thank you very much for providing your app for free...
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    05-07-2014 10:50 AM
  7. Alexander Osipov's Avatar
    Hello again!
    New version of Coffee Reader available at market. Amazing new feature - sharing books with everyone! Guys please update and help me to improve it!
    05-30-2014 10:19 AM
  8. ratheesh chandra's Avatar
    Thanks for the update. I am facing a weird problem when using TTS with Coffee reader. It doesn't read some pages. ie: While reaching some pages, it stops TTS voice, but we can see that "Read aloud" is still active. So what I am trying nowadays is skip this page, then it starts reading again. Please fix if it is a problem within the app.
    08-04-2014 12:34 PM
  9. Al Sorna's Avatar
    hi, enjoying your app, been using it for a week. how do I create a bookmark? I've tapped every available space on the screen and can't make one
    09-30-2014 03:31 AM
  10. Alexander Osipov's Avatar
    Hi! Enable "doubple tap" feature and double tap on paragraph.
    10-08-2014 01:58 AM
  11. Sarah Alex's Avatar
    I love Coffee Reader but I haven't received any update since January since the time I upgraded to w8.1. I am not able to use the Send Feedback option. Everytime i try to on submission, it exists the app.
    I really like your interface and it is easy to use. Although my suggestion is that it should allow us to upload books to the cloud.
    Thanks a lot :)
    07-23-2015 01:03 AM

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