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    Hi! We are really happy to introduce you our new game - Freddy.

    Freddy is a physics-based arcade game that recently won first place in the 2013 Unity3D contest, in the Windows Store category, along with second place in a Microsoft contest called 'Your company - Your chance for success.'

    Help Freddy the frog through an adventurous world full of multi-colored poisonous balls that he really wants to eat. You need to keep Freddy away from the balls by dropping them into flasks. Collect special items, visit magical places and gain extra points by hitting flying nuts.

    We now offer a Beta version, but by the end of year 2013 you will get:
    - much more addictive levels!
    - great achievements!
    - daily bonuses!
    - christmas bonus pack!
    - many improvements!
    - more languages!
    - and much, much more!

    Dont wait!
    Help us in the development of this amazing game!

    Download link:
    Freddy | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Gameplay demo:


    We are wainting for your feedback. Happy playing!
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    12-08-2013 06:29 PM
  2. 11B1P's Avatar
    Graphics look really good. Good luck with your game.
    MobiTouch Games likes this.
    12-08-2013 07:50 PM
  3. Turboshroom's Avatar
    Tried it and loved it. Fantastic art and music. And its bloody challenging too (or maybe Im just terrible at this sort of games)
    MobiTouch Games likes this.
    12-09-2013 12:19 PM
  4. MobiTouch Games's Avatar
    Maybe you should practice more :) The game is still in improvement phase, we will consider simplifying the game in the early levels ;)
    12-09-2013 06:42 PM
  5. ge154's Avatar
    I'm trying to free up space on my Lumia 521. Lumia Storage Check indicates "Freddy" is using 155MB of space, but I had already uninstalled the game and it is not available on my phone to launch anymore. Do you have any ideas of how to free up that 155MB?
    01-09-2014 07:38 AM

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