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    Swap and match through hundreds of fun casino puzzles in Casino Slots Match'em! Multiple casinos to choose from with lots of different game modes.

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    Casino Slots Match'em includes
    - Match'em puzzles that are easy to play but hard to master
    - Over 100 stages for version 1. More soon!
    - Unique puzzles and game modes that keep you on your toes.
    - Multiple casinos with their own themes and game modes. More casinos on the way!

    Today's update adds more levels to the Las Vegas Casino. Next week's update will add a brand new casino just in time for the holidays! I'll be updating CSM a lot and hope you all enjoy it! Any feedback would be great, and you can tweet me @ThundersnowInfo

    App page- Casino Slots Match'em | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    12-10-2013 03:40 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Thanks for bringing a new game to the attention of the members of WPCentral. This looks fun and interesting. Good luck with your game.
    12-10-2013 08:53 PM
  3. Blackrop's Avatar
    Can I share with other free software? If yes, take a look these free slots. I actually don`t know how it looks on android but it is really easy to play.
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    02-19-2014 10:16 AM
  4. Warrior771's Avatar
    Played slot machines at playslotscasinos (.) com but I cant say that such games are more interesting than pc games like gta..maybe they are too different to compare...
    11-07-2014 07:53 AM
  5. morgan392's Avatar
    Because of tough competition online slot machines are been develop to be more entertaining, have better graphics, sounds, story lines and easier for players to win keeping them playing longer.
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    01-29-2020 09:34 AM

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