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    This app's purpose its to update or install apps of various American carriers. You can install apps for other carriers by using a proxy like Fiddler or BURP and modifying the URL with the following:
    VZW-US (Verizon Wireless), ATT-US (AT&T), TMO-US (T-Mobile USA), null (some Sprint apps) if you are still holding off using WP8.0 GDR3.

    If you need your device's current mo-id, open extras+info on your Nokia Lumia and press more info.
    The source code is available if anyone wants it, but because it changes semi-frequently, its available on request.

    Link to store:
    US Carrier Apps

    The V2 edition was completed on Christmas Day, 2013.
    It was a revamp of the original that used links to the website to take you to the store.

    The V2.1 edition was completed on March 23, 2014.
    This includes a new app that Verizon released and I added images for all the apps that had a low res bullet.

    I'll update this post with screenshots soon.
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    Doesn't install for me. Asks add ms corp acct. Then just goes back to download screen with "key".

    Edit: installed!
    12-30-2013 09:40 PM
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    The instructions below were for users who installed the app directly from the App Studio

    Yeah I forgot to mention the in-between steps...
    If you try to access it with a computer or tablet, it will prompt to sign up for an App Studio account.

    All you need to do is access the certificate url, sign in with your Microsoft account, confirm the Microsoft corporate account and then download the app.
    If you want to install other apps, you might need to either swap SIMs (that's been activated) with the destination carrier or use Fiddler like in the first post.
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    The App Studio method has been removed, as I needed a way to track if anyone had issues with the app.
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    I submitted the app to the Store/Marketplace for publishing on 1/10/14.
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    Installed its working fine .thank you great app
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    01-10-2014 12:44 PM
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    02-19-2014 08:24 PM
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    I've updated the app to V2.1, because Verizon launched a new ringtones+ringback app, and I went ahead and added images to the app instead of looking at those terrible low-res bullet points.

    Please rate my app! I've only had TWO DOWNLOADS from the store since I had launched it, and the way publishing works I won't see any money for a long while.
    03-23-2014 12:13 PM
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    Anyone??? Any recommendations? Am I the only one here who thinks the app is awkwardly named? I'm unable to track those who downloaded the app directly from App Studio, but at least there is a page listing updates!

    Also if I can get a list of apps for carriers in the UK or a European country, I could build a new one that might be just as beneficial.

    At the same time, I keep wondering if I should have a mod move this thread, because I don't think I'm doing this right....

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    Originally when I published the app the price set at $0.99, because I had to go out and physically purchase a phone from each carrier to make the expansive list, but I changed it down the road because I was it as a lost cause.

    I'm hoping to be able to get a hold of the SysApp dev to see if I could rebrand his app for mo's instead of oem's.

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    Updated the app for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

    Also, just reached 100 downloads! -_-

    Now has a Windows Store App too, (not quite functional... Seems to launch the Zune app instead of launching the store.)
    US Carrier Apps app for Windows in the Windows Store
    NOTE: The link above is broken as MS removed the app. I'm leaving the link above just in case they re-list it.
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    Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop my head back in. MS took the Desktop app down for TOS reasons... The app wouldn't work anyways all it tried to to is launch Zune. I've seen anywhere from 1 download per day to 3 recently. I have a total of 156 downloads and in 23 different countries, after all, a niche app is a niche app.

    Oh, also a note, WiFi Calling only works on T-Mobile Phones (their Lumia 521 or the new 635) due to a things needing to be baked into the ROM.

    I'll be updating the app, because AT&T added a new app, called AT&T Connect.
    Ranking (downloads per country)

    1. US has 106 downloads.
    2. India has 9 downloads.
    3. UK has 8 downloads.
    4. Poland has 6 downloads.
    5. Turkey has 3 downloads.
    6. Canada, China, Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Spain all have 2 downloads.
    08-12-2014 07:28 PM
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    Okay, cleaned up my thread as it had old conversation that no longer applied. Also, I'll provide the source code to it if anyone wants it.
    08-13-2014 10:34 PM
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    Wow! Its actually great idea!
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    09-28-2014 09:05 AM
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    Verizon added a new app that manages their online texting app for other devices installed on the HTC One M8 w/ Windows. Unfortunately I can't get the app-I'd off of it. When they push Cyan or just jump to Denim, it will probably be included in their update.
    09-28-2014 09:42 AM

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