1. Cryp2pass's Avatar

    eMailAgent is gone FREE with no ads in all countries. The pricing previously was at 99 cents.

    Here is a part from the store description:
    With eMailAgent you can create email templates for your contacts of the people hub with an execution date and an execution interval.

    eMailAgent will remind you with a reminder and a live tile if an email is ready to send. The mails will not be send till you initiate the mailing.

    If you want to be reminded for happy new year mails, happy birthday mails, remind somebody to restart a server or check the server log files, remind your neighbor to water your flowers if you aren't at home, or something else with a predifined email, then this is the app you was ever looking for.

    If you need this tool there's no hurry to download it because it isn't a time limited special offer, the app will stay free.

    You can find some screenshots in the Windows Phone Store. I know, the screenshots are not really nice but if you run the app on your phone the empty squares will become filled with the photos from your People Hub.

    Link to the Windows Phone Store:
    eMailAgent | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Your comments and reviews in the store are welcome

    I hope you like it,
    01-15-2014 11:35 AM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    Looks nice!
    01-15-2014 01:01 PM
  3. Cryp2pass's Avatar
    Thank you very much
    01-15-2014 02:22 PM

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