1. True Magic's Avatar
    Hello again,
    We have just released Note Bag.

    Note Bag is the first app that lets you create, edit and access any kind of notes.

    Text notes with speech recognition (you can choose to dictate note instead of typing it)
    Different importance levels
    Add pictures to the note
    Draw your note by hand
    Record voice or music messages
    Record a full video as a note
    Save and update the position where the note was created
    Show the notes location on map
    Find a route to the notes location

    Trial version is fully functional but limited to 3 notes at a time.

    Any comments or questions are more then welcome:

    02-12-2014 05:08 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Thanks for supporting our platform by developing a new app. Good luck with it.
    02-12-2014 11:21 PM
  3. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Thanks for building an app for us. :D

    One suggestion, the button for the store still shows the old store logo. If you could update that, that would be great. :)
    02-12-2014 11:26 PM
  4. True Magic's Avatar
    Your wish is my command.
    Also the live tiles have been updated (finally they became readable :D).
    03-10-2014 06:06 PM

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