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    Due to my older thread having an inaccurate title focused on the announcement of this application, I've decided to create a new one here focusing on updates and a place for users to get in contact with me if there are any bugs that need to be worked out or features that need to be requested. This is also where to go for the latest feature announcements and a step-by-step development until Cortana kills me off!

    Windows Phone Voice Assistant that integrates into TellMe

    Speech is an advanced voice assistant designed to make WP8's builtin TellMe function more useful. Currently, TellMe just searches bing and makes phone calls, and not much more. With Speech installed, TellMe is given many new commands including:

    • Send an E-Mail
    • Share
    • What Can I say
    • Search Bing/Google/Etc
    • Shuffle Music
    • Pause Music
    • Next Song
    • Previous Song
    • About Song
    • Time
    • Date
    • Search Maps
    • Search Store (Music and Apps)
    • Battery Remaining
    • Directions
    • Appointments
    • Alarms
    • Reminders
    • Weather

    History/Past Updates
    The app was created in early 2013, but it launched as a beta that to be honest, did not work. Just in time for Cortana's announcement, i've finally finished the app (Lol). In mid-2013, I launched S2, or Speech 2. It fixed all of the beta bugs and gave Speech a nice new UI that worked slightly better. In all of the incremental versions since 1.1, i've focused on new commands, UI improvements, and bug fixes.

    1.4.0 introduces a range of new features that make speech more useful and easier to use. While this may seem like it is launching too close to cortana, my market will become average users who don't use the dev preview program and are waiting for the update. Basically, i'll run off of those funds to build my next idea.

    - First run tutorial
    - The long requested feature to call the assistant whatever you like! (Yes, you can trick people and call it Cortana)
    - Updated main page.
    - Weather data
    - Reminders for specific day
    - See notification status from main screen
    - All new UI for running commands.
    - No more crashes
    - Back buttons removed, integrated into hardware back button.
    - ApplicationBars implemented
    - About this song fixed
    - General updates to music playing/pausing/listening (Ex: Built a now playing UI instead of crashing app)
    - Settings menu
    - Commands file can be remotely updated from internet (Faster quick fixes)
    - Fixed icon on start screen
    - More bug fixes
    - Other minor improvements

    In all, this is the biggest speech update ever. We plan to release whenever Microsoft approves it to the store.


    Screenshots are of 1.4.0
    1.5.0 [TBA]

    Speech has been downloaded thousands of times, and has been proven and tested to be the fastest, simplest way to make WP voice recognition even better.
    Please note that 1.4 is not yet available. You will recieve 1.3.1 when you download and get the 1.4.0 update soon!
    Speech | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    02-22-2014 05:37 PM
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    Thanks for providing a tutorial of your app. This should be helpful for members who have questions.
    02-23-2014 12:58 AM
  3. Kevin N Smith's Avatar
    No problem.
    02-23-2014 10:33 PM

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