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    PHOTOLab is a picture editing app who allows you to add filters and special effects to your favourite photos. You can choose between 19 filters, add everyone you want, even add twice a filter to blend the effects. Also some filters allows you to configure some properties like source/target color, brightness, saturation, position The main special think of PHOTOLab is this fact of being able to apply multiple filters to your photo. A lot of image editing apps allows you to select one filter and apply it. here you can apply as much filters and effects as you want. In next releases we are going to add more and more new and amazing effects to the collection. In each moment, you can use the appbar button at the left to see the original image, placed on top of the edited one, so you have a reference of what are you doing. Also you can save or share the final picture and even add a secondary tile to your start screen with the 9 last edited photos.

    Pick photos from the gallery, form the 4 more recent shortcut or from the camera.
    19 filters to apply to your pictures:
    Color swap, adjust, gain and loss,
    Chroma key for transparency,
    Artistic filters like antique, sketch, cartoon, blur
    Filter configuration and remove:
    You can remove a filter and the entire chain of filters are redraw over the original image so the effect is totally different without the removed one.
    Share with your friends and favourite apps
    Create a secondary tile with your last 9 edited pictures

    There is a lot of photo editing apps out there, PHOTOLab propose a different approach to this task. So, if you want to take a look, you can find PHOTOLab in the Windows Phone Store.
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    Looks nice!
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