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    Hi guys. Happy to finally be able to publish an update to one of my app after the free App Design Consultation session I won in November last year. The app is called "rym* chart" and is based on the rateyourmusic.com custom chart. The website is great for those who likes less mainstream music but there's almost everything for everyone. The chart was my favorite place to discover music and the mobile experience in the browser is not great, so I created the app. It was among the runner-ups of the Nokia create Mini Mission 4 - Music so I received a Lumia 925 and the yellow Nokia DC18 powerbank.

    Users can filter the chart results by type of release (single, album, ep), by year, by genre and by page. They can also listen to track previews whenever available. They can then search or download the releases from various music services:
    - XBox Music
    - Nokia MixRadio
    - Youtube (also choice to launch in MetroTube)
    - Spotify
    - Deezer (new)
    - 7Digital (new)

    Powered by Last.fm and the EchoNest (now part of Spotify), my focus for the new update was design and extensibility. 90% of the app has been rewritten to make it easier for me to introduce new services like 7Digital and Deezer in the latest update. You can download it here. Here are some screenshots:

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    Thanks for supporting our platform by developing a new app. Good luck with it.
    03-10-2014 11:08 PM

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