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    We are excited to present Brand GuessWork. The idea can't be called new but we wanted to create a game cycle in native Windows Phone style, because most of the games are ported from Android and doesn't blend well with Windows style.

    The aim of the game is to guess the brands of manufactures of trademarks based on their logos. The gameplay is linear so even if someone would like to skip the level he wouldn't succeed, you would have to go hard way. However, there are several kind of hints - open random or first letter and remove letters unused in answer (but you have to use hints sparingly).

    There are two set for the start, the most popular from our viewpoints: computers and cars (more than 150 levels each). There are three levels of difficulty in the game, the harder the level the more letters you have to choose from. The logos themselves are also sorted in increasing difficulty of recognition order (as we see it).

    We would like to extend the number of sets; there is a possibility to download additional levels. We would be glad to hear your opinion. We would also be glad to know what other brand sets you would like to see in the game: food, restaurants and cafes, clothes and so on. And of course, all the wishes, suggestions and criticism are welcome here.

    - Free
    - Size: 6Mb
    - Languages: English, French, Russian
    - Homesite Brand GuessWork

    main.png comp.png
    car1.png car2.png
    seldf.png sett.png

    Download Link: Brand GuessWork | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    04-04-2014 02:56 PM
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    Thanks for supporting and developing great games for windows phone , good luck for your future apps
    04-05-2014 01:23 AM
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    Windows store version available:

    Download Link: Brand GuessWork | Windows Store
    04-26-2014 01:55 PM

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