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    Hi all,

    I will introduce to you one of useful tools to manage your personal cash flow.

    Expense Tracer | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store

    You can:
    - Add your daily transactions and a monthly buget helps you manage your expenses.
    - Add your transactions which are repeated every month.
    - Customize your own categories
    - Review top expense categories, average daily expense, and historical expenses.
    - Date and currency units meet your region.
    - Private settings
    - Barcharts and piecharts for each type of transaction help you analyse your expenses better.

    13814279974_1e2eb05b80.jpg 13813954505_6c27116f59.jpg 13813954275_bd993897f3.jpg

    If you like this app, lease a good review. :)

    Thank you.
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    04-13-2014 12:42 AM
  2. anon(7900571)'s Avatar
    Thanks for supporting and developing great apps for windows phone , Good luck for your future apps
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    04-13-2014 12:48 AM
  3. quanlich's Avatar
    04-21-2014 01:30 AM
  4. Woknox's Avatar
    I will give it a try
    04-22-2014 01:26 PM

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