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    Color Match

    (Update 2.2 released, changelog in this post)


    Color Match is an addictive and simple puzzle game in which you try to color the whole tile board in one color.
    Enjoy beautiful background music while you play.
    Test your logic in a daily challenge!

    Now with the new game mode "Beat the developer". 10 challenges created by the developer. Can you beat him?
    New challenges will be added with every new update!

    This app is supported by ads that can be disabled with an upgrade package. You also get access to 30 exclusive "Beat the developer" challenges!
    The upgrade package is shared between Windows Phone and Windows!

    Enjoy beautiful background music while you play.

    The goal is to convert every tile on the board to one color. Start by changing the color of the tile in the upper left corner to that of an adjacent tile by selecting and tapping that color button below the board. Try to match all tiles in as few moves as possible.


    Color Match | Windows Phone Apps Store

    Download for Tablets and PC with Windows 8.1: Click here

    1.png 2.png 4.png

    I hope you enjoy,


    Only applicable to WP8, NOT for WP8.1 or Windows 8.1:
    And since I know some people want to know what the app requirements are for:

    App Requirements Descriptions and Explanations

    Data Services
    Used for checking for updates, new content, news and contacting the developer.

    Media Playback
    Playing backgroud music and sound effects. Also needed for some ads that play video/audio when opened by the user.

    Media libraries
    Needed for some ads. No personal files are accessed. Not used when ads are disabled.

    Phone Identity
    Used for automated error logging and statistic logging from an external SDK.

    Owner Identity
    Required for the Advertising SDK from Microsoft, even though it is not used anymore in the current SDK version according to the documentation. Not used when ads are disabled.
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    Thanks for supporting and developing fun games for windows phone , Good luck for your future apps
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    Update 1.1

    New Features:
    1. New game mode “Daily Challenge”
      - Moves Challenge
      Beat the board with less moves than the challenger.
      - Time Challenge
      Beat the board with less or the same number of moves in less time than the challenger.
    2. Upgrade Package now with more detailed statistics and gives the possibility to reset selected statistics
    3. Added 2 new button layouts to make single hand playing possible on big devices

    More changes:
    • Hitting the same color multiple times does not take away moves
    • Fixed multiple small bugs
    • Multiple UI improvements
    08-18-2014 07:25 AM
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    Update 2.2
    - Bug: "lost" was not translated to german
    - Hide "tap to start" by tapping on it
    - Added new game mode "Beat the developer"
    - Bug: Fixed the overlay being obstructed by the "background" on entrance animation

    New „Beat the developer“ feature

    With the last update the new game mode “Beat the developer” was introduced. Initially providing 10 challenges for everyone and 30 exclusive challenges for the Upgrade package.
    New challenges will be added with each new feature update.
    Each challenge was created by me, the developer. Some challenges may be difficult but all are beatable.

    How are these challenges created?
    I play the game like everyone else. At the end of a game, when I think I did well I press a button and this game is saved as a challenge. (Note: Same as everyone I have only ONE try at any given playing field.This gives you, the user a distinct advantage because you have unlimited tries to win a challenge.)
    “Daily Challenge” challenges are created the same way. Only difference is that I don’t select games where I did really well.

    Have fun beating me!
    04-30-2015 03:45 AM

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