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    Pictures Downloading Machine

    Pictures Downloading Machine | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Pictures Downloading Machine is the second Version from Picture Ripper.
    This tool allows to downloading pictures in mass from the internet on your windows phone 8.
    An scanner searching pictures and pictures links while browsing websites.
    With one click of the search results, the tool downloding all images from the page.

    A special tool is the deep links images seeker.
    Taking a complex page with many links and albums, so this tool is used.
    The tool tracks all the websites were found to a depth of 5 links, from the output side, and downloads all images of these.
    Complex image pages, so just several thousand links tracked and downloaded all these links found pictures on your mobile phone.
    The tool is now so sophisticated that it detects almost all .jpg images.
    An filter sort all downloaded images by the size and automaticliy delete small images and icons.
    Also sorted the tool the persecuted pictures immediately so that out, no picture will be downloaded twice.

    There is also an lockscreen changer included, so the app change every 30 minutes your lock screen, with your downloadet pictures.

    Just tried it out.
    Have fun with it.



    04-16-2014 03:06 PM

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