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    Podcast+ Pro, designed for all your podcasting needs and focus on frequently used functions.
    Using Podcast+ Pro, you can subscribe, download and play podcasts in one single App. And play your favorites everywhere anytime.
    To get Podcast+ Pro, visit
    Podcast+ Pro | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store
    Or scan the QR Code using your Windows phone

    Feature-rich, operation-simple is a major feature of Podcast+ Pro. The key features include:
    * one click to update all favorite feeds
    * support play content offline and online
    * support super-fast multi-threaded download of the media, support resume broken downloads
    * easy to add feeds, such as by keywords, by categories, and by the feed URL.
    * easy to manage feeds, support assign the tags of the feeds
    * powerful custom playlist, including built-in "recent added" and "downloaded" playlists.
    * rich custom settings, such as deleting the out-of-date media automatically, changing the order of playlist

    Please feel free to contact us and give us your advice.


    Change log:

    - added: support to clear image and transfer cache
    - bugfixed

    - added:support multi-select in feeds page
    - bugfixed

    - added:support clean all played files by 1-click
    - added:support "mark as new" and "mark as played"

    v3.2.0.0 and v3.2.1.0
    bug fixed

    - added: Lockscreen/Headset skip settings
    - added: the option for seconds of Skip ahead/back
    - fixed: can not switch up next list and playing episode

    - added: Background download
    - added: display different image for each episode
    - added: mark episode as played when remaining time is less than the specific time
    - added: resume play from last time
    - fixed: playing episode when bluetooth headset is disconnected

    * Added: delete played downloads automatically
    * Bugfixed

    * Added display the played state
    * Added filter the played episodes

    * improved downloads management feature
    * improved the startup speed
    * bug fixed

    * Improve UX
    * added an option to disable play next episode automatically
    * Improve Image quality
    * bug fixed

    * added support to import OPML from SkyDrive, gPodder
    * improve image display for 720p screen resolution
    * improve playpannel in upnext page
    * bugfixed

    * added support to play video episodes
    * added support to list episodes and play when searching and adding podcast
    * added support drag playing progressbar to seek the expected position fast
    * added wallpaper switch option and wallpaper opacity option
    * some bug fixed

    * added customize the app's wallpaper
    * improve the start up speed
    * added import feeds from opml file (only for WP8)

    * added displaying playing logo on App tile in start screen
    * added subscription feed tile

    * added collections page
    * improved UX
    * bug-fixed

    * added Trial version
    * support disable auto-lock screen when downloading episodes
    * Fixed known bugs
    04-18-2014 09:42 PM
  2. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    Thanks for supporting and developing great apps for windows phone
    04-18-2014 09:59 PM
  3. jordandrako's Avatar
    Great app so far. Are you adding a transparent tile? I'd like it to show the name of the podcast you're listening to on the front of the tile if possible, that would make it the best podcast app for windows phone (though it probably already is).

    One gripe though: I can access all my favorite podcasts, even the obscure Australian ones, except for anything made by 5by5. The podcasts from them always fail to update the feed and won't let me add as a favorite. The particular feed I like from them is the Web Ahead.

    ​Thanks for the great free app!
    04-21-2014 12:21 PM

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