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    Tempt your senses!
    "Cake Recipes Pro" - the best app ever! Over 1000 cake, pastry, dessert and bread recipes in a variety of categories, each complete with a large selection of mouthwatering high quality images.
    Ranging from basic, quick and easy treats to fine gourmet delicacies, the recipe selection includes: traditional and modern cake and pie recipes, sponge cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, apple pies, gingerbreads, gateaux, celebration and special occasion cakes, sweet pastries, fruit flans, truffles, meringues, muffins, scones and doughnuts, as well as scrumptious savoury creations, pastries, buns, bread rolls, breads, and many more.
    Browse our favourite and world recipes for amazing baking tips as well as festive cakes and dessert ideas for all occasions: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Pancake Day, Valentines Day and more.

    LINK : Cake Recipes Pro | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

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    Thanks for supporting and developing delicious apps for windows phone
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