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    Anitro allows you manage your entire anime library. You can rate shows, update what your watching, add notes and do almost everything involving that (the almost being that you cant set favourites because that endpoint wont be available until APIv2). In addition, you can search shows, add them to your library and you can pin them to your start screen. Then because I have always wanted the ability to set my lock screen image to those of shows that I have watched, I felt this was an excellent opportunity to integrate it into the app.

    Anitro utilizes every portion of Hummingbirds V1 API and once V2 comes out, I plan to update it to that, an update which will bring Manga integration and the ability for me to get at YouTube Trailer videos which I will integrate the MyTube and MetroTube URISchemes through.

    So now with that foreword out of the way, I present you Anitro for Windows Phone, a Hummingbird Client. I'd love if you could try it out and would love even more if you rated, provided feedback or let me know how you like it!


    OS: Windows Phone 8.1
    OS: Windows 8.1
    OS: Windows Phone 8.0 (Legacy version)
    Website: Killerrin Studios Page


    Anitro is an Anime management application which utilizes the new and growing in popularity, Hummingbird service, and will allow you to View and Manage your entire profile.


    Current Features
    • Manage and View your library
    • Post to and View your Activity Feed
    • Search Titles with Active Search
    • Pin your favorite titles to the start screen
    • Browse-only mode for when not signed in
    • Integration with Anitro Companion app (WP8.1 only)
    • Cortana Integration (WP8.1 only)


    Windows Phone 8.1

    Windows 8.1

    Anitro Companion

    OS: Windows Phone 8.1
    Website: Killerrin Studios Page

    A set of tools for the Anitro Application to add in additional features not supported by Universal Apps, features such as Lockscreen Support.



    Current Features
    • Set as your lockscreen provider to show your interests

    Planned Features
    • Cortana Integration

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    Thanks for supporting and developing apps for windows phone , Good luck for your app
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