1. Tareq Ateik's Avatar
    Hi devs,

    I am a big fan of Rudy's 9Gag app, but it never worked properly on my Lumia 520, neither my Lumia 1520 (after 5-10 mins of use), so I developed another one, Looking for your feedback:
    1.png 4.png 5.png

    9Gager | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    05-11-2014 11:19 AM
  2. anon(7900571)'s Avatar
    Thanks for supporting and developing apps for our platform , good luck for your app
    Guytronic likes this.
    05-11-2014 11:28 AM
  3. lupiochi's Avatar
    I really liked it, mostly because I use 9Gag everyday. But you should apply more features, like changing the theme color ( black&white ) and the option to save pics.
    Nice work
    05-11-2014 11:36 AM
  4. James8561's Avatar
    Does this have a transparent tile? If it does it'll one up 9gag
    05-12-2014 03:09 AM

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