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    One parking lot. No Escape. How long would you last? PAKO is a ragequit/highscore game by Tree Men Games. It includes a global highscore table.

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    05-20-2014 02:48 AM
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    Thanks for supporting and developing great fun games for our platform. Good luck for your app :)
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    05-20-2014 03:45 AM
  3. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    Hi I really love the concept and game.
    Please consider these ideas:
    *Collect coins & include store
    *Unlocked & buy desired car
    *More parking lots
    * Customize car with extra speed , extra control etc.
    *Daily Challenges/Game Achievements
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    05-20-2014 07:23 AM
  4. TreeMenGames's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback!

    The game started as our own gamejam/demo thing so it is still being developed. We have thought about most of those things you mentioned, so lets see what comes next? We have fans of daily challenges in our team ;)

    So updates are coming and feedback is needed! Meanwhile try to make to the highscore list, somebody just took the first place with bit over two minutes :)
    05-20-2014 08:19 AM
  5. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    More than two minutes!!!!
    I just managed to get over 30 seconds.
    05-20-2014 10:09 AM
  6. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    I managed to make a high score of 01:35:38
    That makes me in 4th in the Top 10.
    I'm enjoying the game.
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    05-22-2014 10:10 PM
  7. TreeMenGames's Avatar
    That is a good time, how many tries?

    BTW we just added a global rank for those who cant make it yet to the top ten.
    05-26-2014 04:34 AM
  8. TreeMenGames's Avatar
    Best time now is well over 4 minutes and we thought that getting over 2 minutes would be really hard.

    Now you can see top25 list from our website: treemengames.com

    New maps etc. coming soon, fastest way to get info about upcoming stuff is to follow us on Facebook
    06-05-2014 05:38 AM
  9. TreeMenGames's Avatar
    If you have missed the news, new map Suburbia is out now!
    07-01-2014 05:17 PM
  10. Stravincy's Avatar
    Yesterday I got 2:57 on the Mall map. Love the game. I would love to see an option to pay a small amount to remove the ads though.
    I think a lot of people would be willing to pay a small amount of money like me.

    Also, sometimes the game is a bit "laggy". And that's while playing it on my Lumia 925.
    Also, I would love an option to remove the "breaking news" thing at the bottom. I'd much rather have a better view at the situation. Maybe just keep the timer and that's it? Just an idea. Good luck with further updates! :)

    Edit: Another bug: Sometimes the police cars disappear right after crashing.
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    07-10-2014 03:00 PM

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