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    Swift is a simple, fast-paced shape and color recognition game from Beautiful Mind Games, the acclaimed developer of popular logic puzzles.

    • In the set of five objects find the one that matches one of two given objects exactly (both in shape and in color).
    • If the exact match cannot be found, find the object that has nothing in common with either of the two (neither shape nor color).
    • Practice your skills at your own pace and work your way up through several increasingly challenging levels.
    • Leave the game unfinished and come back later to complete it.
    • Track your performance over time and post your scores to online leaderboards.

    Great simple game for all ages. Swift is FREE and can be found in the Windows Phone Store.

    Brought to you by the developers of the popular Triomino, Triangula, Quadrata, Orientile, Orbus, Brainy Cells, Turbo TIles, Permutile, and Pairanoia.

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    Thanks for the tip - Good luck with your apps!
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