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    Hi everybody! We're here again to proudly present you our last creation...MyPlaces Pro!
    We know your contacts list if full of restaurants, hotels, pub and so on...a huge mix of people and places you would need to separate...
    Wouldn't you like to have real people (friends and work contacts) in your phone contacts list and places well organized in a dedicated app?
    Are you frequent travellers?
    Are you shopping addicted people?
    Do you have a real love for eating at restaurants?
    Are you in love with monuments?
    Are you simply weel organized people?
    If so...we have the app for you!

    With MyPlaces Pro you can save and organize all your favorite places in groups to quickly and simply find them,
    show their position on the map, get directions...a lot of stuff is there for you...try it and enjoy your places!

    Now, for the willing people who like to know more info about this app...take a look at the app main features here:

    Add new place
    Insertion of new places is very quick and simple. You can take a picture, use GPS and dictate notes to your phone.
    Place card
    For each place you can:
    • quickly take a look to place info;
    • show the full display picture;
    • get the place position on the map;
    • get directions to reach the place;
    • look at 3-D monuments on the map!
    • use the phone numbers, the e-mail address or the web site directly from the place card (es: restaurants, hotels, etc).
    Places tiles
    Link a place on your phone home screen to quickly access info.
    Last used list
    the home page shows you the last 10 used places.
    Organize your places in groups...it's simple! it's fast!
    Search in the nearby for POIs by using different GeoNames and Facebook search services. You can add found POIs as places among your ones.
    hare on Facebook the pictures of your places
    Quick search
    easily find a place by using this page. suggestions will be shown to help you.
    Do not jam up your contacts with stores, restaurants, etc. Import them from the contacts list!
    At any time you will be able then to reverse by exporting places to your contacts list.
    I'm here
    Use this page to quickly fin your position and show it on the map.
    Handle your places by setting your own categories. Several ones are already available.
    Save on your OneDrive all your places to avoid losing them.
    Transparent tile
    Enjoy your WP8.1 background image thanks to our app transparent tile!

    So far MyPlaces Pro supports only English (USA) and Italian....we would like to add support for other languages. Is there any volunteer who would like to help us?

    MyPlaces Pro can be found in Windows Phone Store here or by using the qrcode:


    Visit our site www.winappslab.com

    Follow us on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/winappslab
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    Hey thanks for supporting and developing apps for windows phone , good luck for your app :)
    06-20-2014 03:17 AM

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