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    We Always Wonder…

    We always wonder Where am I ? What is the address of this place ? In which road am I in ? how am I gonna tell them where I am right now ? and so on.. We always go through those rush moments, where as we wonder where we are and the address of the location we are at right now !
    Then this is for You…

    Very well then, let me introduce you the awesome “I Am At” app for Windows Phone.
    Thanks to this App you can easily find where You are right now preciously, allowing you to find more information about you location ! :)

    Welcome to I Am At app for Windows Phone !


    You might be at a huge party, or a festival, or carnival, or a sports ground, you can find your exact location and send it to anyone so that they can find you easily ! :)
    Could be your girlfriend, your best friend, your parents, if you want to find out what you current location address is and send it to anyone to find you easily, then here is the App for you, ready at anytime ! ;)


    Yes, I know what you are thinking, ‘the how the heck is this different from Maps ?’
    We will tell you where you are right now very preciously along with the exact Address of your current location, wherever you are on Earth ! Also we will let you send your current location to anyone and share with them, such as text, email and even Social Media Networks instantly ! :)
    Oh yes we know, this is totally Epic ! (^_^)
    Try it now ! :)

    I Am At | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Below are some awesomeness this app would bring to you... :)

    Instantly Find the Address and All the information about your Current Location, wherever you are on Earth ! ;)


    Keep your own Favorite Locations and Places list, where you can view at anytime.. :)


    Zoom in and out anywhere on the Map, which is provided by Microsoft Bing Maps which increases the accuracy..


    Instantly send your Location Address by Text message to anyone, could be your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, your parents or even your friends for them to easily find you.. ;)


    Easily copy the Location address and info for you to copy and paste anywhere as you wish... :D



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    06-24-2014 09:27 AM
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    This looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing this with the WPCentral community!
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    06-24-2014 02:39 PM

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