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    Zombies must die 3D
    Requirements: 2.3+
    Overview: All zombies must die
    Zombie must die | Магазин приложений+игр для Windows Phone (Россия)

    Zombies must die 3D first person shooter (Fps).
    A secret, military, underground biological weapons lab was destroyed by a sudden earthquake. A mortal virus, which has been developed over many years by the military to fight against human overpopulation, suddenly breaks loose and gets with groundwater into a metro system. First, the virus affects rats, but soon the infected animals begin to attack people. Serious mutations occur with humans' bodies and minds, people begin to attack each other. The mankind has never faced such difficulties. The virus spreads rapidly... Our fearless hero realizes, that he has no choice but to take arms as he is the only person who can save mankind from total infection.
    All horrors of the infected world are reflected by great graphics. A huge selection of different weapons (knives, guns, pistols, hand grenades, assault rifles, grenade dischargers, etc.) can satisfy even the most experienced shooter. Easy control system, enchanting sounds and music, a large number of zombies will delve into the world of fear.
    You'll have the ability to select graphics.
    New levels will be constantly added.
    We appreciate constructive feedback and any ideas for new levels, types of weapons, monsters and other observations, because we have created this game for you.
    Hurry! Download Action (Fps) for free! You won't have to pay for something after installation!
    Kill zombies as violent as you can, move, don't stay stock-still. Don't forget to look back and watch your step - zombies often attack from behind and crawl on the ground. Blow up zombies with grenades and bazooka, smash and crush them. Only you can save mankind from imminent death, because not many people took weapons and began to fight against the deadly infection. Prove that you have enough courage, intelligence and speed. Train the speed of thought and reaction.
    If you like 3D shooters, this game is definitely for you!
    Tell your friends about the game and our team will improve it for you!
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    06-28-2014 09:54 AM
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    Good luck for your app :)
    06-28-2014 10:55 AM
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    Good luck for your app :)
    Thank you very much)
    06-30-2014 06:29 AM

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