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    It’s been a long journey! GPS Calculator was one of the first exclusive windows phone apps launched in 2011, less than a year after the platform itself was launched. Three years later it is still the most advanced GPS app and development is going strong. In fact, just a few days ago it received a major update with version 7 now available.
    GPS Calculator is not yet another show me your location or sport activity app. It is not a navigation app for driving either. Instead, it is a complete toolkit packed with advanced features to delight experienced GPS users, inspired by some of the features found in outdoor Garmin devices. Among it’s many features is waypoint management, track recording, area calculation, sunset, sunrise, moonset, moonrise times, magnetic declination, coordinate conversion (with 10 coordinate systems and many more earth datum model supported), distance calculation, location projection, compass, altimeter and elevation profiles.

    So what is new in version 7? GPX files can now be imported directly from an SD card or any other app on you windows phone. So go ahead and send yourself a favorite track by email or open directly from a website and GPS Calculator will load it straight for the trip computer, area calculation or waypoints. Since it is windows phone offline HERE+ maps already loaded on your device are now fully supported (as are Bing, Google and OpenStreetMaps for additional coverage). In fact, not only GPS Calculator fully works offline, it even has a new build-in database of around 3000 major cities and 9000 airports locations around the globe. So go ahead and type a three-letter ICAO airport code or a city name to go straight to your desired location in seconds, even without internet access for address search. Finally there is now wide live-tile and background GPS track recording. And a cleaner prettier faster interface on top of that too.

    If you use GPS Calculator before, go ahead now and grab the update or if you never heard of it – try it now.

    GPS Calculator comes in two versions GPS Calculator and GPS Calculator PRO. GPS Calculator is absolutely free and GPS Calculator PRO has fully functional free trial. Both versions have no ads. They are not really different, but if you feel generous and want to support the developer, please consider buying PRO.
    06-30-2014 08:41 PM
  2. jleebiker's Avatar
    I've tried TONS of GPS/mapping apps and hands down, this is one of THE BEST. Definitely worth the purchase. There's only one thing missing in my opinion, but compared to many other apps out there, this one is the closest to perfect.
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    06-30-2014 11:49 PM
  3. kitya's Avatar
    Thank you for the kind words jleebiker! If you have any missing feature suggestions - let me know and I will add them to my to-do list.
    07-01-2014 02:00 AM
  4. Bob_M's Avatar
    Hi Kitya:

    Is this something I could use to track a mountain bike ride? Will it export a GPX file so I can upload to various tracking sites such as Strava?

    Curious, when you use Bing, Google or OpenStreetMaps will hat incur data charges since those are not internal to the windows phone?

    Thanks Bob
    07-09-2014 05:19 PM
  5. kitya's Avatar
    Yes, you could use it to track your bike ride. It does export GPX, either to OneDrive (or you can save GPX directly to your windows phone documents folder, but only if you run windows phone 8.1). Please note that free version has a limit how many times you can export.

    Yes, you are correct. GPS Calculator optionally uses HERE+, bing, google or openstreetmaps. If you saved HERE+ maps for offline on your phone - there will be no data used. Using bing, google and openstreetmaps will incur data plan usage (or wifi). Obviously, if you want to avoid that - just use HERE+ maps all the time, they are default anyway.
    07-09-2014 05:24 PM
  6. emichalo's Avatar
    I recently tried GPS Calculator free and found it to be a great and very useful gps program. I liked it so much that I purchased the PRO version, even though it is not needed , to support the further development of this program.

    I have a suggestion to add the capability to convert location to more coordinate systems, such as UTM, European systems and others. I am interested in the Greek grid the HGRS87 system. An good example of a more extensive coordinates systems is a similar program, GeoGPS, but it handles only single points and does not have the capabilities of GPS Calculator for distances, areas etc. The inclusion of such capabilities would make the program more useful internationally.
    09-05-2014 02:47 PM
  7. kitya's Avatar
    Thank you very much, I really do appreciate your support. UTM is already fully supported. I will investigate HGRS87.
    09-06-2014 07:34 PM

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