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    I've made an application using Nokia's Lumia SensorCore SDK for WP8.1.
    It's name is Activity Diary and works on all Lumias with SensorCore i.e Lumia 630, 635, 930, 1520 and Icon having Cyan update.


    Activity Diary tracks all of your motion activities. Walking and running steps are counted separately. It displays daily, weekly and monthly activities separately. Interactive and colorful graphs are drawn for all activities.

    Activity diary also displays log of all of your phone activity. Log displays phone's current state as well as total time for each type of activity for the current day.

    Some prominent features of Activity Diary are
    1- Daily, Weekly and Monthly Steps Counts
    2- Running and walking steps are counted separately
    3- Interactive graphs for all running and walking activities
    4- Phone's current state
    5- Total time for each activity
    6- Colorful pie chart for all current day activity

    Some screenshots are

    todaysteps-wxga.png weeklysteps-wxga.png

    activitylog-wxga.png activitychart-wxga.png

    As I'm a new developer so I need you people to give me suggestions about how I can make this application better and more useful

    Store link to Activity Diary

    activitydiarystoreicon.png qrcode.23849303.png
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