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    Hi everyone,

    I want to introduce you my new app which just hit the store today (it's also my first real app, all other apps on my account are more or less trash which was built for other things). It's called PhotoKeeper and as it's name suggests, its an app to organize your photos.

    Everyone of you knows this: You just made some photos which are not necessarily meant to be viewed by everyone who probably gets your mobile. But where to store them? Here comes PhotoKeeper, your solution to organize and securely store your photos.

    It's really easy to use: After start just pick a password which will protect your photos. When this is done, you can start organizing your files in folders. Those folders are organized in groups so you first have to create at least one group to host your folders. Inside of a folder you can add your pictures which will then get encrypted so they can only be access when using the app. Access to the app will be only granted if you enter the correct password at login screen, there's no other possibility to get access to the files so if you forgot your password, all files are most likely lost.

    The app itself costs 1,49$ but comes with a free trial which allows you to full explore the app without any ad or time limit. The only limitation which exists is that you only can create one folder and store up to 30 items in it but beside that you are currently not limited in any way so feel free to check what the app has to offer, before you probably buy it.
    To celebrate the release, the app comes with an price cut: For one week, starting today, the app only costs 99ct. After this week, the price will go up to the regular 1,49$ so please make sure you test and probably buy the app before this happens. Also, if you buy the windows phone app you will also get access to the Windows 8.1 vesion as well as soon as it's available because the app is built as universial app and thus it also has an shared identity so buy once but use on two platforms.

    If you're interested, you can download the app from the Windows Phone Store right now. Simply follow this link: windowsphone.com/s?appid=4a4bb9b2-fc4f-4024-952f-d5cfb40cda17 (I'm sorry that you have to copy the url, cannot post links yet due to my post count, maybe a mod can fix it?)
    Please remember, you need Windows Phone 8.1 in order to use this app. Any version is fine, so if you're on the DP only, you still can use this app.

    If you're using Windows 8.1, you can find the Windows 8.1 Version here: apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/photokeeper/84cd7838-979e-4795-abc0-9ceb3d74d42e

    I hope I could manage it to introduce you my app and you will try it out. Feedback is always welcome so if there's something you need to say, please do it because only with your feedback I can improve the app. There are many features to come in future updates so please stay tuned what the future brings.
    On a sidenote: If you're interested to see what the future of PhotoKeeper brings before all others, simply apply as beta tester right now. To apply, send me the address of your microsoft account and I will add you to the beta. The only thing I want in return is feedback so if you participate in the beta, please help to improve it by providing feedback to me.

    Enjoy the app, I hope I could do something good for you.

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    08-21-2014 05:44 PM
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    Tonight I just released a small update for the Windows Phone Version of PhotoKeeper. It only contains small improvements, new features are set for a future update.
    I also now submitted the Windows version of PK. You can download it here: apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/photokeeper/84cd7838-979e-4795-abc0-9ceb3d74d42e (Again please excuse the lack of a link)
    Because PK for Windows was just certified, it could take several hours until it's available for you
    08-23-2014 11:34 AM
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    I just submitted an update for both windows and windows phone, improving some aspects of both apps.
    For WP, this means I improved the UI and also removed or reduced distortions of the folder thumbnail as reported by an user of the app. When you get the update, it's recommended to recreate your thumbnails to ensure that they are sized correctly
    08-25-2014 06:53 PM
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    I just decided to cut the price from 1,99$ to 1,49$ after my special is over. That means that PK will cost 50 cent less starting this friday. Whoever is interested should test and buy the app before the price goes up ;)
    Also, I'm still looking for beta testers who want to partially decide the development of PK and be part of a great journey with more great features coming in the future. Just write me a message (PN, Mail) with the address of your microsoft account and you will be part of the beta no later than the next beta update if not even earlier (I added most beta testers just after I saw their message but it could also be that I add testers when I'm doing the next beta update. The next round for accepting new testers is scheduled with the next beta update as the beta currently does not provide any feature which is not contained in the release version)
    As beta tester, you will get all future features of PK before they will be released so if you're interested in what comes next, then just write me :)
    08-27-2014 03:24 AM

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