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    Hi. I have seen from a few comments on articles on WP Central news that there are some health students and health professionals among this community, so I decided to post here the announcement for this app even though it is meant for a very small population of smartphone users. Unfortunately, we all know the Windows Phone store is lacking in medical apps, which may be holding back its adoption by health professionals and prolonging the dominance of the iphone in this segment.

    My app is called Ward Chores.
    Having been at medical and surgical infirmaries a few times, I have watched doctors using scrub sheets to annotate their patients list, the beds they are in, what kind of conditions they have and what needs to be done for that patient that day. Hence, I set out to develop an app which allows you to quickly glance at which patients you have and what kind of chores you need to do for each of them, by showing predefined icons for each chore. It also gives you relevant information for that patient and allows you to set reminders for each of them. You can also write a description for each chore.

    The app has a free version, which only allows you to use 1 patient slot, and a paid version, which allows up to 10 patients at the same time.
    Give the free version a try. Since I am not allowed to post links, just search the Windows Phone store for:
    - Ward Chores
    - Ward Chores free

    Thank you for your time.
    08-23-2014 10:22 AM

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