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    Hi fellow developers

    Contact Manager is among the apps I've spend most time working on in my sparetime, and I think it has developed into something useful and noteworthy now. Here's a link to it:

    Contact Manager | Windows Phone Store til apps + spil (Danmark)

    It's an app that lets you manage your contacts in another way than the built in functions in Windows Phone. It's integrated with your Onedrive account, to make backup easy and to let you view your Onedrive information inside the app.

    You can backup contacts to Onedrive as TXT or XML files and restore them again (semi-automatic). It's also possible to export your contacts as plain text via. mail or you can setup a mail account, so you can attach the backup file in a mail and send it as backup.

    In the last upgrade, I also added QR functions, so you can export / import contacts via. generated QR codes between Contact Manager apps.

    The app is not done, I plan to keep improving it and adding new features. I've added a few screenshots of the app below.




    Hope you like it, any feedback is of course very appreciated.

    Best regards
    09-18-2014 02:46 AM

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